Stephen I. (bio)

  Stephen I. short for Stephen Immanuel is a broken hearted Hip hop artist campaigning for change. His bold message has people from radio stations to churches, gangs & even strippers inspired. In a genre flooded with copycats Stephen I. stands out like a sore thumb. With many supporters proclaiming “he sounds like no one I’ve ever heard.” Stephen I. without blinking claims GOD gives him his lyrics. After listening to his music it’s evident he is driven by a deep compassion and a past full of trying times. He seems to surf the sound waves with a Martin Luther King type of conviction. 


He’s shared the stage with the likes of Billboard topping artist Pitbull, Chino XL, Seventh Day Slumber, Texas hip hop legend Dj DMD & J. Long of Pretty Ricky and he's rapped bar to bar with the best of them; Swishahouse, Freestyle Kings, Dee-1, Canton Jones, etc. 


Stephen I. is now a full time Hip Hop activist & is reaching rap fans all over the globe calling himself a "Hood Missionary" traveling from churches to colleges and even prisons performing a revolutionary style of music! He is soon to release his 3rd studio project “Throne Room Music” in May of 2015.

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